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      Hello Everyone: I just joined this very interesting group. I am Linda

      in Toronto. I hope I can contribute and make new friends.

      My first little tip: If you live in TO, the last Thursday of the

      month Shoppers Drug Mart has 20% discount on items that are not on

      sale. Well, they will often put a lot of things on sale to avoid the

      discount, but its still a good deal. If you spend more than $50 you

      receive a bonus, usually 40 postage stamps or a free dinner at Swiss


      Getting to my point now; most of the SDM stores now sell groceries. I

      have discovered the milk is already cheaper than the discount

      supermarket; $3.99 for 4 litre compared to $4.69 at No Frills, the

      next cheapest. So, buy your milk on the last Thursday of the month

      and pay $3.19. We buy for the month and freeze it. You can compare

      prices on the things you would normally buy to see if they will save.

      The milk is the big one for me.


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