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      Aside from the great suggestions for food, I’ll throw in my two

      cents on the extra products-

      Hair Gel- look at the dollar store for it, and buy it for $1

      Shampoo & Conditioner- Buy it on sale only, and with a coupon. Stock

      up on it at that time, so it’ll be cheaper.

      Hair Spray- Dollar store

      Lysol Wipes- Use a damp kitchen rag, and fill a spray bottle with a

      bleach/water mix.

      With the grocery items, shop cheap. Don’t be afraid of generic. You

      don’t have to change your eating habits if you don’t want to. I

      know, it’s healthier if you do, and cheaper, but everyone has a

      vice. 😉

      Anyway, if it’s on sale, stock up. If it’s on sale and you have a

      coupon, even better.

      Make weekly meal plans that start off by looking at what you can

      make if you don’t buy anything at all. Then, make a list of meals

      you can make if you only need to pick up 1 or 2 items. Lastly, make

      a list of meals you need most of the ingrediants for, and that

      include mostly sale items.

      Stock up on stuff for cheap meals when you can- 2 jars of sauce, and

      a box of noodles will give you 2 saghetti meals for around $3.00.

      Things that require little ingredients, and are cheap are nice

      wallet friendly meals. It’s great to have on hand for when you are


      CLip coupons, compare prices before shopping, and match coupons with

      sale items. Don’t buy stuff you won’t eat, but if something you like

      is on sale and you normally don’t splurge, and you have a coupon-


      Sometimes, brand names ARE cheaper than generics, but usually only

      if they are on sale. If a can of soup is normally $1.19, and the

      generic is $.99, then go generic. But if the brand name is on sale

      for $.99, and you prefer that brand, get it. It’s the same cost. If

      it’s on sale for $.99 and you have a coupon for $.30 off 2, then buy

      2. If your coupon doubles, you just got 2 cans of soup for $.69

      each. Not bad! It’s almost half price.

      Good luck, and welcome to the board!

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