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      Barbara–How many and what ages are you buying for. I see many

      things one that can (and actually should) come off your list, simply

      because they are terrible nutritionally. Here are my suggestions for

      deletions and replacements.

      lysol wipes $2 (Just buy a can of lysol and use a rag–though this

      one has nothing to do with your health)

      juice boxes $4–buy some reusable cups with lids and frozen juice

      that sells for about .84

      These foods are good for an occasion treat, but you have an entire

      list of them and most of them are horrible for you, not to mention

      terribly fattening.

      Oatmeal pies 2 $2

      keebler cookies $ 4

      Pop tarts generic $ 1

      Squeeze butter $1

      Cin. rolls 2 $4

      Yogurt smoothies 2 $ 5

      Honey buns $3

      frozen pizza on sale $4

      garlic bread $ 2

      Choco chips $4

      I suggest replacing them with

      1. homemade cookies ( has a fabulous and

      simple recipe for snickerdoodles)

      2. I too used to buy poptarts, but there is a list out there of the

      top 10 worst foods for you and poptarts TOP the list.

      3. Squeeze butter? Just melt the real stuff in the microwave

      4. Cinamon rolls, honey buns?–I love these too, but take a look at

      the nutritional value, plus they don’t satisfy hunger–go with eggs

      and toast with jam.

      5. frozen pizza–again a good snack, but little nutrition. At least

      try the whole wheat crust ones. They really are good.

      6. Garlic Bread from the frozen food section is a heart-attack

      waiting to happen. Make your own so you can limit the amount of


      7. Replace some of the items with other fruit that is in season, how

      about pears, peaches, grapefruit, an orange instead of orange juice–

      much more nutrition and less calorie dense.

      8. Buy cheerios for the cereal and use a $1 off two coupon. Those

      are all over the place. Again this one is nutritionally dense.

      Oatmeal is an even better choice, though I recognize there is more

      prep time involved.

      9. Chocolate Chips–Buy a smaller bag and make one batch of cookies

      for the week.

      10. Yogurt smoothies–if you have kids and this one is like a small

      multipack for breakfast, I say go for it. If they are adult size, be

      sure to check the label. Many times there is more than one serving

      per bottle. You might be better off just eating a yogurt–espcially

      for the money.

      Again, I am not sure how many or who you are preparing meals for,

      but for the sake of nutrition, this stuffs even bad for your kids,

      I’d revisit the amount of ‘junk food’ on the list. It eats up the

      budget and your health. Also, I see very few veggies on the list

      outside of potatoes and onions. If your family isn’t very veggie

      friendly, you might want to try a new veggie every week, tomatoes,

      broccoli, fresh green beans are all good and mild selections.


      Lori in Dallas

      — In, “barbara_hrpr”



      > Hey there. My name is Barb. I am really wanting to save on my

      > grocery bill. Heres my list..


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