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      I am thrilled to have found this group ! I have relocated to N.W. PA ( an hour south of Lake Erie).

      We moved to be closer to Hubby Gregg’s work. We have three children. Amelia (18) Joshua (14) Aaron ( 12).

      Our grocery budget has doubled at a time when our wages have decreased by 65%. So this site is a God send.:clap: Look forward to gleaning thrifty tips and meals. Hope to pass on any ideas I stumble upon in my quest to have all we need.

      I better get started, The cupboards are bare and the laundry room full !:doh:

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      Welcome! South central pa here-hmm, alot of pa’s here. we’re either very poor or good penny pinchers in pa.

      more likely both< anyhoo, great group here and some great tips and recipes.

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      Welcome to the site!

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      Hi, welcome from Canada!

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! New Member !!