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      I am new as you can see. Married with 3 cildren and 4 grands. I’m on a fixed income now that I’m retired and want to make my money go farther. Found this site in Womens Day magazine and so far think its pretty good. When I first married many many years ago we lived on $20.00 for every 2 weeks and yes we did it. though those days are gone I’m going to try to go back to those habits. Wish me luck as I have had some pretty bad spending habits in the past–on ward and forward troops. I like to spend on my hobby of machine embroidery and can’t spend like I did :-|. thanks fixedincome

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      Hello there!!!

      I hope you have enjoyed your time so far on here!!! If you need anything please feel free to jump on in and ask!!!

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      I love my embroidery machine, when i get one of those buying moods, I love to pull out the machine and try to create a new design to take my mind off of shopping. 🙂
      Look forward to your future posts.

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      Thank you for this great idea. I too love to shop for designs and just about anything pretaining to sewing and machine embroidry. I am going to try this idea next time I want to shop and really just don’t have the money which is basically a geat deal of the time HENCE budget101

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      fixedincome, This site should take your mind off spending. Hope you are enjoying the site as much as everyone here. I’m still saving for a sewing machine… Hopefully after the first of the year I’ll have met this goal.

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