New here- in need of lots of advice!

Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! New here- in need of lots of advice!

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      I’m not sure if my last post went through.

      After 21 years of domestic violence, I’ve finally left my husband. There are so many fears, but one of the biggest is how to go from a $600.00 monthly food budget, down to a $200.00 monthly budget.

      I have had to start over with only the clothes on my back. I have great family support and a great church that has helped me.
      I have to figure out a way to get the rest of what I need. It’s going to be tough!

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      Julie, your first few posts are moderated and you can not see them until a moderator has approved them. Welcome to Budget 101! First things first — Calm Down, Take a Deep Breath and slowly let it out, close your eyes, clear your mind and Relax!

      Tell yourself that you have went through tough, this is just difficult! This is doable! Starting over is fearful but you can do it!

      Some questions: Are you on government assistance? Is the $200.00 a food budget or is it the entire monthly budget? Is this just you or is there others that you are providing for?

      Are you on any special diet? Certain foods that you can not eat? How many were you feeding on the $600.00 food budget?

      Was this just for food or for other stuff you bought at the grocery store? Hang in there. Ask any questions that you have and we (B101 members) will try to answer them.

      Thanks; Virginia

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! New here- in need of lots of advice!