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      Are you making own laundry soaps, fabric softeners, using hydrogen peroxide for household cleaning, & vinegar, etc? do not buy cleaners; look on line 4 them; simple, quick easy; can make own deoderant; 1/2 corn starch, 1/2 baking soda; use hydrogen peroxide 1st, when dry add other; don’t spend on anything but food:& learn how to budget; get krustez pancake mix need only add water; make pancakes, get waffle iron; add oil & have waffles for dinner several times a week; don’t use paper towels; waste of $; use washrags or towels; use only cold water to wash; make own potato chips, fries; never eat out; make own hamburger patties, & freeze; get bread from thrift store, or make your own; make spagetti without using meat; grandkids love better that way so i stopped using; watch where you shop; big difference in stores; & not all bargains are
      bargains; have to learn how to know if a “sale” is saving you $ or not; check prices: no longer is it true a large can is cheaper than 3 smaller cans; they like to TRICK you; check out site here for recipes; & good luck to you!

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      Couple of suggestions if suitable,babysit( post at local community centers,craigslist, on-line groups,word of mouth,etc.), sell things on different websites and groups(craigslist/ freecycle) ,yard sale. I have heard of but that’s about it, stay at home telemarketing jobs no experience necessary requires training, all done at home.Carpool, take bus,use more coupons anything that will help you save money, these are all just suggestions.


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      Subject: Budget101.com : New here and need some help

      Hello I am new to the group. I am trying to start a budget. We are way
      behind in bills.

      We are living pay check to paycheck. There is never
      money for groceries. I have 4 payday loans that are killing me off.
      were do I start?

      I cant live like this anymore and I need lots of

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List New here and need some help