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      Hi, Tricia,

      When money's not meeting the demand, you only have two choices – make more or spend less. If there's work you can do that fits your circumstances, take on a few hours or start a home-based business with skills you have. I have worked as a seamstress, a writer, in childcare…all things that I could do at home and around my kids.

      Do you have things you use that might have some value to someone else? eBay, craigslist, or a yard sale can turn the storage dilemma into cash.

      For spending less:
      One of the first things that is helpful is to know where you're actually spending your money. So for a couple weeks, make a list of every cent that you spend and try to group it into categories. Things like rent, insurance, are non-negotiable but there are a surprising number of other places that a lot of money disappears – and they are usually the $5-10 area.

      Once you know where it's going, identify the areas that you can cut back. It's easy to know that you don't need 21 pairs of shoes or a weekly manicure. But other choices are a little more difficult.

      If push comes to shove, things like cable and coffee are luxuries. You can live without them until some of the bills are paid.

      And the most difficult one to do is stop using credit cards! they are far too easy to pull out (trust me, i know) and they only make the problems worse.

      ask around your community and see if anyone offers volunteer budget counseling or visit some of the sites suggested for useful charts, tips, etc. and don't give up. It is great that you are looking for help and want to turn things around.

      You really can get ahead of the bills.


      On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 10:54 AM, Tricia <vollmertricia@yahoo.com> wrote:

      Hello I am new to the group. I am trying to start a budget. We are way

      behind in bills. We are living pay check to paycheck. There is never

      money for groceries. I have 4 payday loans that are killing me off.

      were do I start? I cant live like this anymore and I need lots of


      Val Coulman

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List New here and need some help