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      Hi I’m Melissa from VA I’m new and need lots of help from everyone to gain friends and find freebies

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      Hey there Mooolissa!!!!

      Welcome aboard….You are going to hve too much fun here!!!!
      Jump on in!!!!

      Lynn in Va

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      Hi Melissa,
      Welcome —You have come to one of the best sites. I’m here everyday and really am enjoying the site. Friends we all are here–Freebies there are so many.. If you need help, someone will be here to do that too–Just ask…Enjoy

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      Melissa, welcome to the site. You will find lots of fun and great freebies on this site. If you need help with anything just ask-we are a rather friendly group.

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      hi Melissa I’m new also -cute photo

      Bobbi in NE

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      Hi Melissa ~ Welcome to the site, there is lots to see.

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      Hey Mo,

      Figured this out yet???? I know your having fun too!!!


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      Welcome Melissa!! We’re so glad you found us! One word of warning though, this site is addicting:tongue: As any of us will tell you.

      Anywho, glad you came aboard, look forward to hearing more from ya. Anything ya need, just ask!


Viewing 7 reply threads
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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! New from VA