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      Hi everyone. I thought I ought to stop and introduce myself. I was a member a few years back but it must have been under another name or a differently hosted board. Anyway, My name is Jeanna (Gina) and I am 48–for another 8 daysmultistars smilie. I am married to my husband of 28 years, Ken. We are parents of 2 grown children–both still at home (21/26). We have lived a country–farm/homestead life since we were married. Actually this is the first time in all the years we have no farm animals at all. Of course that will not last long.
      My husband almost passed away in the spring from a strep infection that went to his heart and ate a hole through the mitral valve. We now are setting on over $500,000 in dr bills. We have put in for help with it because my hubby is sole provider for us–not my dd, but for myself, our son (who is bi-polar and has really sever anxiety). I have work some in the past but I have had Fibromyalgia and other things for years and they have really held me back over the past 3 years or so.
      So as you can see we really need/ have cut to the bone our spending. I hope to glean from all of you some new ideas and I hope to share some too.
      Thanks for letting me join in.

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