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      I found my way from Pinterest. I am a writer, blogger, food preservation teacher, organic gardener, bee keeper and very small scale farmer. I am also mom to 7, adopted and bio, grama to 6 and wife of 1. I am interested in family preparedness (I wrote Just In Case: How to be self-sufficient when the unexpeted happens).

      I have a blog, preserving abundance that is dedicated to helping people discover and appreciate the abundance that is already present in our lives and figuring out how to preserve it in the face of declining economies. I am interested in all the ways homemakers can save money which almost always translates into wearing smaller ecological shoes. The site looks like fun but it looks dangerous.

      I could spend way too much time noodling around.

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      Welcome to the site! You are very correct when you say you can spend hour after hour after hour here and not even realize how much time slips past. Hope to see you share some ideas with us in the future.

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      Hi Kathy ~ Glad you joined. You sound like you keep yourself busy.

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, Kathy! Good to have you here. Thanks; Virginia

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      Hello and welcome preservingkathy!!!

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! new from massachusetts