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      everyone i have been checking out different forums trying to find the best and i have found it. Thank you for making a great site.

      I work full time at everyones favorite store cvs :041:
      I have a 14yr old son
      4 yr old twin girls
      2 dogs and a cat

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      Hi Kiki! Welcome to the site. It sounds like you’re quite a busy mom with twins and a teen! There are lots of great categories here so feel free to jump into any of them and ask any questions, or share any ideas.

      I’ve got the news on in the background right now and we’re watching Gustoff and Hannah – hopefully they won’t turn your direction!

      Welcome, it’s great to have you here.:039:

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      Hello! Welcome to the family!! ^_^

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      Hello from Canada….Glad to meet you!

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      Welcome to the site, glad to have you join us. CVS is definitely one of my favorite stores. Good to know we have and insider on the site. Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to your postings.

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      Hi, welcome to the site

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