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      Hey there everyone.ited to find this site. had never heard of it before, but will deffinaely be sharing it with my mom and tot group. :039:

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      :039: Messymama3, Welcome to the site –Alot of info here w/alot of friendly people too. You have found a wonderful site. Hope you Enjoy as much as everyone else does that is here.

      Look forward to any info that you would like to share.

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      I do have a question though. I was trying to use the grocery list today and can’t seem to make sense of how or where the coupos are that I am supposed to use? Can anyone help me with that?

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      Printable Brand Name Coupons
      Lots of coupons here to print, just put in your zip code so it will be for your area.
      Welcome to the site. Look forward to your future posts.

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      Welcome MessyMama3!! Glad to have you!! ;D

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      Hello there!!!

      Welcome to a great site and a great group of friends who will help anytime!! Jump on in!! 🙂

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      Yes I am new to this place is wonderful !!!!

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      Welcome to the group you will find lots of ideas here.

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      Welcome to the site ~ not only ideas, alot of reading and typing as well (but it is well worth it).

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      Welcome to a greaty group of sharers. I am new also & I live in AZ. Where are you at?

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      Can anyone suggest wher or how I should start saving on Groceries? Do I pront all the coupins off? When the Grocery List gives me a 6 didget number for a coupon is that refering to printed coupins or coupons from the paper?

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      Definitely you should use coupons! You can get many coupons out of the Sunday paper. Also, you can go to many company websites & they often have coupons to print off.

      Just make sure your store will accept printed coupons. Also, look on all of your groceries and toiletries & everything else & get the 800 numbers off the box. It takes some time, but call the numbers & ask for coupons.

      Most will send you coupons very willingly. Its worth the time! Believe me!

      Example: I called Kashi & they sent me several coupons for 50 cents off but they also sent me a few coupons for free items! Lastly, don’t be afraid to call if the product you bought doesn’t seem very good. Example: I bought some frozen chicken breasts from Tyson & they had a lot of fat on them.

      I called the company & told them & they sent me a check for $15! Also, I bought a new product that is a boxed meal – Romanos Macaroni Grill. It said it serves 6, but it only had this tiny bag of pasta in it.

      The meal was delicious, but I had to add more pasta. I called & gave them my opinion (telling them that the meal was delicious, but it could maybe contain more pasta.) The sent me coupons for 2 free boxes!
      As far as coupons go, you need to think carefully about how you use them. Find out what your store policies are on coupons.

      For instance, I shop at Giant and Acme. They both double manufacturer’s coupons up to 99 cents. That means that if I have a coupon for 75 cents off of Windex, I will actually get $1.50 off!

      Then you need to watch the sales at the store. For example, Windex usually costs about $3.50. Occasionally it goes on sale Buy One Get One Free (this means that if you only buy one, it costs $1.75.

      If I use my coupon I will get $1.50 off. That means that I will pay 25 cents for a bottle of Windex!!!) Also watch the sale papers for you grocery store. Sometimes they will have store coupons for products.

      These coupons can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons. For example. Chex mix usually costs about $3.

      Let’s say I find a manufacturer’s coupon in Sunday’s paper for 50 cents off. My store will double that & I will actually get $1 off. Then I check the Giant sale paper & they have a store coupon for 50 cents off of Chex mix.

      (Store coupons will not double.) If you combine the $1 off from the manufacturer’s coupon & the 50 cents off from the store coupon, then you get $1.50 off of the Chex mix. If they put it on sale for BYGO, you will get it for free! It takes some time to look around and figure out the best way to use your coupons, but it is worth it!

      I have saved up to 70% off of my store bill before!

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      Save rtebalt reply and reread it several times. Couponing is a art. But don’t be afaid, at least you are asking very good questions.

      rtebalt is a very good teacher here. I don’t believe she has missed a step here explaining how to coupon. And I love her extra tips she gave you about the 800 numbers.

      It pays to voice your opinions & ask for coupons too.

      I went to a Dollar Store here to buy some sale items. The girl at the register didn’t want to use my printed coupons. I had already asked the Manager of the store and he told there was no problem as long as the codes were good . So you see it always pays to ask.

      Or they would not of had my business that day. And I would have called the main office to ask them why.

      rtebalt, you are so HELPFUL—-You have helped me in many ways, by reading your posts.

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      Thanks so much JoAnn. I’m still learning the coupon game myself, but I’m thrilled to be able to help others if I can.
      Messymama3 – another great idea (if you have a Walgreens near you) is to take advantage of their rebate program. They have many things each week that are “free after rebate.”

      Also, I think that if you go on their website to submit your rebates & choose to get the money on a Walgreens gift card instead of a check, they will add an extra 10%, so you’re actually earning money!!! 🙂 For example, this coming month they have a “Free After Rebate” add for :Loreal Age Perfect Radiance Perfector. The rebate is up to $19.99.

      So, you buy it for $19.99, get all of your money back plus if you get the rebate on a walgreens gift card instead of a check you will get an extra $2! Then what you can do is keep reusing the gift card for more items that are “free after rebate” or also on items that you have a coupon for and also have a good rebate. That way, you won’t actually be spending any money.

      You will just be “respending” you rebate & you will also be earning an extra 10% each time! 🙂

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