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      It's gonna happen sooner than I expected. I love my current car, but the mileage is getting high and the value is
      getting lower & lower, so in order to get a good price or trade in
      for it, we need to consider replacing it. As much as it will hurt my feelings more than my budget (we've built in a new car in the budget, expecting it to happen in the next year or so), I just hate to write a car payment check.

      Do I look for a newer used car or get a new one off the lot? Do I indulge my midlife crisis mode & get my dream car? Dream car is a Miata, which would be about the same price as a small SUV like I have, but I still have a son at home that would go on vacation with us & a dog………We will be getting that son a cheap used car in the late fall, so technically his car could be the “vacation” car……..Hubby also just had to trade his truck for a new extended cab which could be used for the “family” car if necessary. Luckily, he gets a truck allowance from work, so that helped with his purchase.

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