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      You can definitely find a great deal on a “new” used car right now. My

      husband is owner of a Nissan dealership and people are walking in and

      dropping their keys on his desk because they just cannot afford the

      payments anymore. I know he says that they have around 100 repo. cars

      a month. Just research your price VERY well. Every new Armada that

      he sells is $15,000 profit for him. So don’t be fooled by great deals.

      — In, “Carole Scandrol” wrote:


      > I suggest you look for a late model used car. Take your time and

      > wait for the one you “know you want” as soon as you see it. We

      > haven’t purchased a new car since 1972! Auto warranties are fairly

      > long now, so if you get a car that’s 1-2 years old it will still be

      > under the factory warranty. We bought a beautiful used car 5 years

      > ago. It was 2 years old and had 27,000 miles on it. We paid less

      > than 1/2 of what it sold for new! There’s no way I could ever have

      > saved that much out of our income in that amount of time. The only

      > thing we have had to doto it in 5 years is change the oil, and the

      > anti-freeze!


      > Check or one of the car pricing guides to see what your

      > current car is worth. THEN check the Auto Trader and see what

      > they’re actually selling for now! People are really shying away from

      > SUV’s now because of the $4 gas.

      > — In, “Anggie Thompson”

      > wrote:

      > >

      > > It’s gonna happen sooner than I expected. I love my current car,

      > but the

      > > mileage is getting high and the value is getting lower & lower, so

      > in order

      > > to get a good price or trade in for it, we need to consider

      > replacing it. As

      > > much as it will hurt my feelings more than my budget (we’ve built

      > in a new

      > > car in the budget, expecting it to happen in the next year or so),

      > I just

      > > hate to write a car payment check.

      > > Do I look for a newer used car or get a new one off the lot? Do I

      > indulge my

      > > midlife crisis mode & get my dream car? Dream car is a Miata, which

      > would be

      > > about the same price as a small SUV like I have, but I still have a

      > son at

      > > home that would go on vacation with us & a dog………We will be

      > getting

      > > that son a cheap used car in the late fall, so technically his car

      > could be

      > > the “vacation” car……..Hubby also just had to trade his truck

      > for a new

      > > extended cab which could be used for the “family” car if necessary.

      > > Luckily, he gets a truck allowance from work, so that helped with

      > his

      > > purchase.

      > >

      > >

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      > > Anggie

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