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      I suggest you look for a late model used car. Take your time and

      wait for the one you “know you want” as soon as you see it. We

      haven’t purchased a new car since 1972! Auto warranties are fairly

      long now, so if you get a car that’s 1-2 years old it will still be

      under the factory warranty. We bought a beautiful used car 5 years

      ago. It was 2 years old and had 27,000 miles on it. We paid less

      than 1/2 of what it sold for new! There’s no way I could ever have

      saved that much out of our income in that amount of time. The only

      thing we have had to doto it in 5 years is change the oil, and the


      Check or one of the car pricing guides to see what your

      current car is worth. THEN check the Auto Trader and see what

      they’re actually selling for now! People are really shying away from

      SUV’s now because of the $4 gas.

      — In, “Anggie Thompson”



      > It’s gonna happen sooner than I expected. I love my current car,

      but the

      > mileage is getting high and the value is getting lower & lower, so

      in order

      > to get a good price or trade in for it, we need to consider

      replacing it. As

      > much as it will hurt my feelings more than my budget (we’ve built

      in a new

      > car in the budget, expecting it to happen in the next year or so),

      I just

      > hate to write a car payment check.

      > Do I look for a newer used car or get a new one off the lot? Do I

      indulge my

      > midlife crisis mode & get my dream car? Dream car is a Miata, which

      would be

      > about the same price as a small SUV like I have, but I still have a

      son at

      > home that would go on vacation with us & a dog………We will be


      > that son a cheap used car in the late fall, so technically his car

      could be

      > the “vacation” car……..Hubby also just had to trade his truck

      for a new

      > extended cab which could be used for the “family” car if necessary.

      > Luckily, he gets a truck allowance from work, so that helped with


      > purchase.



      > —

      > Anggie

      > Fight Breast cancer……no one should die from it



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