neutering our cat

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      ok- here goes… you only “neuter” male cats- with females, you “spay”. a spay is usually more expensive than a neuter (it’s much more invasive surgery).

      it is not a good idea to spay a female in heat- there is increased blood flow to the uterusand most vets charge an extra fee for the additional risk (some won’t do it then no matter what). some vets will want her to deliver kittens and let her milk dry upcompletely before a spay, if you suspect she is pregnant. some vets will go on and spay females once they go out of heat (pregnant included if it’s early developmentally) and will remove the uterus and/or fetus/kittens.

      most cats do well with the surgery and they will probably either stay one night at the vets or go home at the end of the day of surgery. if you take her home the same day, they will want her to not climb, jump or generally take part in any “kitty olympic”events- keep her calm,quiet and usually you don’t feed them
      until the next morning. breakfast (food after midnight) the day of the surgery is not fed- she needs to have an empty stomach so that she doesn’t vomit and block her breathing tube while she is under anesthesia.

      some humane societies offer reduced price spay/neuters. in ga we have a program that is thru the state that offers reduced pricing-you send them $$ and they send you a certificate to be redeemed at your vets office. some areas have mobile spay/neuter clinics that come thru the area every couple of months- you’ll just have to see what is available in your area of the country.

      as far as attitude, it usually doesn’t make a significant change with most female cats. with a male (neuter) if you wait until he’s spraying in the house, most likely he will continue to spray after surgery- it’s an established habit by that point and the neuterwill notstop a habit. i hope this helps some to clear up what to expect…be
      glad it’s a cat and not a dog- their surgeries are more expensive usually, and cost is based on the animals weight.

      lisa g.
      m f wrote:

      i was wondering if neutering our cat changes their personality. also is it a good idea to neuter them when they are in heat. and last one where is the least expensive place to take them.

      we are in northern


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      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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