neutering our cat

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      I have four cats, used to have 6, and neutering never changed their personalities. Of course, they were all done while they were very young, as soon as I could. I may be wrong, butI do not think it can be done while they are in heat.

      There is a spay/neuter van in my area that does it inexpensively. I was pleased with their services. Also, at certain times of the year,many vets here offer reduced rates for it.

      Call your local shelter, PetSmart, humane society…I am sure they have many options for you. It is very important to have it done. Kathy/NC

      M F wrote:

      i was wondering if neutering our cat changes their personality. also is it a good idea to neuter them when they are in heat. and last one where is the least expensive place to take them.

      we are in northern illinois.


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      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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