neutering our cat

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      By all means have your cat neutered. It doesn’t change their personality & it is better for them health wise.I rescued a female cat that was going to be taken to the shelter & I knew what would happen to her. She had already had 2 litters of kittens & was pregnant when I got her, but I didn’t know that. Best mouser I ever had!!! The vet told me to keep the kittens with her for 8 weeks, most people give them away at 6 weeks but during the 7th & 8th week the mother teachers them things that are very important. Also a female cat can make herself go in heat whenever she wants. Just think if a cat goes in heat 3 or 4 times a year, that could be a lot of unwanted kittens running around. Do it before the heat cycle if at all possoble. Call yourvet & see if they have a discount program or the Humane Shelter. In our town at least once a year they have a program called “Neutered for a Nickel” cost 5 cents to have your pet neutered or

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