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      It is a good idea to spay or neuter your cats because you do not want a bunch of babies that may be hard to get rid of. I recently spoke to someone who used to work at a humane shelter, do you know what happens to the unwanted animals there? No one ever sees, so it is something many of us tend to not think about.

      There is a room where all the unwanted animals are put down. A small area, an enclosed box. The dogs and cats that will be put down are put in there together, the door shut and in the dark room a poision gas is released.

      The animals, once dead are left and the next batch put in on top of the first and the whole thing is repeated. It may be several days before the bodies are removed. Even “no-kill” shelters only move animals from one shelter to another about 6 times then the animals are put down too.

      If you love your cats, would you want their babies to end up like that? The bodies are then thrown in the local landfill. It sounds like a horror movie, maybe WW2
      Nazi death camp story, but it is true and it happens every day in every shelter to millions of unwanted dogs and cats every day.

      The only crime most of them ever commited was being born. Pregnamt, lactating, or animals under 8 weeks old are automatically put to death. These are the lucky ones, the ones who did not die a slow painful death of starvation or mistreatment in the outside world. wrote: Also has discount
      spay/neuter certificates too…

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