Stuff I’d Like to See General Nestle Chocolotiers Group

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    Nestle has a new baking product, called Nestle Chocolotiers. They
    are premium baking chips, chunks, both bittersweet & dark chocolate.

    They have a group online, fully sponsered by Nestle, with different
    things like survey’s, promotions, & contests.

    For signing up, you get a coupon for 1 free bag of chocolate. You
    can also earn more free bag coupons, as well as coupons for money

    This is a great place to earn some free chocolate just as those
    great baking Holiday’s come up on us.

    Nestle is just getting the chocolate out in stores, and there is a
    list on the site with release dates for different stores. You
    probably haven’t even gotten a chance to see it yet.

    Here’s the link to sign up with. The site that helps run it is a
    different place, but it IS a Nestle site!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Nestle Chocolotiers Group