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      I don’t want or need a dishwasher and even if I did want one, my kitchen is so

      small, I don’t know where we would put it!

      As for paper plates, I do keep them in the house, along with paper cups. They

      can be pricey, so I pick them up when I see them on sale. With 3 kids and their

      guests, they can run through our plates, glasses and silverware pretty quickly.

      Leaves me with alot of dishes to clean up or to nag them to clean up. Its just

      easier to hand out the paper every so often and get a break.

      For everyday meals though, we use the regular plates. I soak them for about

      15-20 minutes before washing them and that cuts back on the effort of washing

      them. I’ve mentioned before, to me, dishwashing can be therapeutic. I think its

      the combination of accomplishing a task while getting a warm water hand soak :].

      Now I would like to find an automatic bathroom cleaner lol. nothing therapeutic

      in that chore!



      from: rebecca bean <>

      Date: 2008/02/17 Sun PM 09:51:08 CST


      Subject: : need / want

      I agree a dishwasher is most often a want. But it can be used wisely. I used

      it alot to sterilize items that I washed first, but felt like the dishwasher did

      a better job of sterlizing odd shaped items.I have a large family & have often

      wondered if it would be cheeper to use paper plates.With coupons you can get

      them pretty cheap, of course the cheapest thing to do is hand wash. But I am

      busy with homeschooling , house work & animals. I am going to try the borax mix

      someone suggested.— rebecca


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