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      I just recently became a stay at home mom again so I can be home with my children. I just gave up my Satelight TV since all my shows are on the regular channels anyways, I make my coffee before I run out the door when I go out. I do miss the shopping just because. I sometimes did not get anything BUT the thought was nice. I am trying to be able to get things under control monmey wise. SO I am up for suggestions also.

      Suzanne Fesmire Gibbons wrote: I’ve been thinking alot about need vs. want as my
      budget has gotten tighter and tighter. I’m in graduate
      school full-time, am doing an intense internship this
      semester, and am a single mother to a toddler. I have
      cut back almost entirely on things that used to give
      me pleasure, due to both time and money constraints.
      And what I’m finding is that I start to feel like I
      have nothing to look forward to.

      I used to do rubber-stamping, and would get
      ridiculously excited about buying a new $8 stamp and
      thinking of creative ways to use it. I love hot
      chocolate and used to occasionally treat myself to it
      at Dunkin Donuts. And when I bought thank you notes,
      if the design I really liked was a couple dollars
      more, I just got it. Occasionally there would be a
      nice, soft sweater at Marshalls or TJ Maxx for $25
      that I couldn’t resist. For the most part, my
      were quite small. But, unless I want to go
      into debt for them, they’re too big now. It’s just
      kind of depressing.

      Maybe we should start a thread suggesting cheaper
      substitutes for the indulgences we enjoy. Sometimes
      the cheaper version feels just that – cheap. And
      sometimes doing things the frugal way takes time that
      we don’t have. But I would still like to hear what
      others have to say…maybe there are some tricks that
      I don’t know!


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