Need vs Want

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      Suzanne, Knowing that you are only going to deprive yourself until you get

      thru school should help.

      You can rubber stamp on plain paper for stationary, gift paper, window shop

      for ideas, use clothes you have to mk other things for you and your

      daughter-pillows,throws,napkins,hankies,house shoes from blankets,

      Take a second look at everything that you are going to toss.

      Yesterday (after being sick for 3 weeks) my 10 yo son and I gathered pine

      needles and put around our rose bushes. We had fun together on our

      outing.Did not take long and was free.

      Today we have been to the library for movies. Another freebie.

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      > I’ve been thinking alot about need vs. want as my

      > budget has gotten tighter and tighter. I’m in graduate

      > school full-time, am doing an intense internship this

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