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      Yes. It is true. It will be nationwide, as of Feb.

      9, 2009. You can call and

      get a coupon for the converter thing to make your t.v. work. I am not sure if

      it will do a thing for the rabbit ears type of t.v. reception.

      We have digital cable in our home, so we will be fine, or so we are told.

      Haven’t moved onto the High Def T.V. sets yet here.

      The new televisions that are sold, HDTV, I think will work fine right away.

      At least the prices of them have come down lately. What used to be $1,000 a

      piece are now $750 or so. We still are not buying one.


      me ow wrote:

      Today, I read an article that by 2009 all t.v sets

      must be converted to digital because analogue is

      supposed to be eradicated.



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