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      Well Said.


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      From: sportsalibi
      Sent: Friday, February 15, 2008 9:25:12 AM
      Subject: : Need vs Want

      Watching the conversations on the list regarding cell phones brought
      to mind a question I recently had to ask my daughter in law. She
      claims she absolutely NEEDS a dishwasher because it “saves money”.
      The fact is that they are not even able to pay basic needs such as
      housing, utilities and food but she needs a dishwasher to save money
      on the water bill. There have been many discussions on many lists I
      am on but I am still having problems figuring out how buying a
      dishwasher, even an inexpensive one for $350 plus delivery, plus
      installation etc saves money. In our area the average conservative
      water bill is $30. If a dishwasher “saves” 10% off that bill or $3 a
      month it would take 117 months or almost 10 years to pay off the
      dishwasher.. .that is if you pay for it in cash not credit. My thought
      here is she really WANTS a dishwasher and is trying to justify buying
      one calling it a necessity.

      I have to
      admit, I love my cellphone and it is really convenient
      owning one. I like being able to reach anyone at any time I want to
      by simply grabbing it out of my purse. Heck, I work very hard and
      even feel I deserve having a cellphone. But do I truly NEED that
      cellphone??? Well I guess if I had to decide between paying the
      electric bill and having a cellphone I would have to say no.

      Another thing I really WANT and not NEED is cable TV. Yeah we only
      get crappy reception and only 5 channels and this is our only form of
      entertainment but do I really NEED cable TV? Again if it was between
      eating and watching TV I would have to say I could live without
      it…if things were really bad I could even sell the TV to pay the bills.

      I’m not saying for some people having a cellphone or dishwasher is
      purely a WANT because my husband was a self-employed trucker and it
      was a necessity for his job. I also have a friend on chemo who
      her dishwasher to sterilize dishes to keep her from getting infections
      but, I just want to clarify in my mind if I make a choice to buy
      something is it truly a need vs a want.

      We all make choices and I am trying to get out of debt and need to
      reflect once in a while why I am in such debt. Do my wants out weigh
      my needs and cause further debt?

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