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      When DH and me moved into our house last year we had a

      built in dishwasher. We had one in our apartment as

      well. I grew up in the 70’s where my parents could

      not afford a dishwasher and so I got used to not

      having. I rarely use a dishwasher. Only when we have

      a holiday family gathering and even then, I rather use

      my hands. We have basic cable too. I don’t watch as

      much t.v. as I used to. Its not because we cannot

      afford it, it’s simply that my needs have changed as I

      have gotten older. I think sometimes when we have too

      much choice, people want more. I just limit my

      choices and then I find I do better with less. wrote:

      > I’ve never had or wanted a dishwasher so I would

      > definitely say its not a need. People say that if I

      > got one I’d soon be lost without it. Maybe, I don’t

      > know. I actually find washing dishes kind of

      > relaxing and I also get help with them from my

      > daughters.


      > I also don’t have cable. My husband nags me about it

      > because of the lack of choice and reception but

      > there is only one company to choose from at the time

      > (Comcast) and they are just too expensive. We did

      > have them and the service was unreliable at times.

      > Maybe when there is a bit of competition in the

      > area, that will all change?





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