Need vs Want

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      I am blessed to live in an area that has a great library and the library gets in

      several copies of new books as soon as they hit the bookstores. Saves me a ton

      of money!!!! I cancelled my subscription to the “guild” things several years

      ago, when I figured going to my local Barnes & Noble (where we used to live) was

      cheaper. Now, I just go to the library. Renew them if I need them longer!

      My indulgences are books, books, books. My son. (Constantly spending money

      on our toddler – always looking for ways to save $$$$$$$$$$ there.) Handbags. I

      love them, but some can cost money. I love to find them on sale. I prefer

      quality over quantity.


      Suzanne Fesmire Gibbons <> wrote:

      I’ve been thinking alot about need vs. want as my

      budget has gotten tighter and tighter.

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