Need vs Want

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      This is a great subject. I’m married and a SAHM of foru three of which have major medical problems. We don’t, have cable, eat out often or go on shopping sprees. I make a shopping list and add to it constantly. But twice a month on payday I go to the store. I consider birthdays or any special days. Then the day before I pull out all coupons and the list. I make the list according to need. I also do an inventory of the pantry before I buy. We never had a dishwasher till we moved as it came with the house. I also hang my wash outside or by the woodstove on a rack. My husband and I were talking about this when we went to the store last payday. I do have a lot of stuff food wise stored up. So all I had to buy was a few things 100.00 I spent for 2 weeks on groceries. I was telling him I like my simple life. All and all I can not think of anything I would want right
      now is to haveour children in better health. Have a Blessed Day Joy

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