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      Sorry to hear about the job loss.

      From your post, it sounds like you do not work outside the home. Only your


      I would go through the pantry and make up a menu of meals you have on hand.

      Write them down. Fill out three meals a day for as long as you can, plus

      snacks. I am sure the kids will want them.

      Do you have enough staples (bread, milk, eggs) to get through the next 2-5

      weeks? Check your grocery stores and buy extra milk (powdered milk is great in

      recipes), pour a little from each gallon jug and freeze the extra jugs. Allow

      for expansion.

      What bills are due right now? What can you cut? Make a list, call on Monday

      morning and cancel anything that is not essential.

      Do you have all medications? If you need refills, get them now while money is

      there. Also, contact the doctors and ask for samples or alternatives to get you

      through until another job is found.

      On Monday, have your hubby (and yourself) contact the local temp agencies and

      be put on the lists for work. If you work at the cable company (our local Time

      Warner is hiring) you get free cable and free high speed internet. You can even

      apply online.

      Write out a budget for the money that is coming in. You say he gets 2 weeks

      severance + 3 weeks vacation pay. Plan out every cent.

      Cut back wherever you can.

      At the grocery store, buy dry beans ($0.49 – $0.99) a package here. You can

      make bean soup, casseroles, chili, beans & rice, etc. Filling and very cheap

      meals. Make some cornbread to have on the side. Get a few bags and then look

      online for recipes that use Red Beans, Black Beans, Great Northern Beans, Navy

      Beans, Black Eye Peas, etc.

      Sell a few things. Clear out clutter and get money at the same time. Go

      online to CraigsList or eBay and sell what you can. Save the money you make for

      the lean times. You don’t know when a new job is going to arrive.

      Apply for work everywhere – Target gives benefits from day one. Including

      health insurance. You can apply right in the store and have an on the spot


      Good luck!


      shellbeau813 <> wrote:

      Hi everyone-

      I live in MA, and my husband lost his job very unexpectedly last

      night. He has been given 2 weeks severance (for 10 years of service)

      and will also recieve his three weeks vacation pay.

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