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      First, apply immediatly for unemployment- it can take a few weeks to

      kick in, but since he was fired, he’s entitled to it. It likely won’t

      come out to the full amount he earned, but it will help releave the

      pressure until he can get a job.

      Have him start looking for a job and applying to anything that sounds

      like it would work immediatly.

      If you get to the point where unemployment is going to run out (because

      it won’t last forever), and he hasn’t had any luck, then it’s time to

      look towards places that will hire anyone until he can get a better


      In the mean time- cut back on as many expenses as possible:

      Entertainment, Cell Phones, Land Line (if you can’t cancel cell phone,

      first cut back on any extras on the cell, then cut landlines),

      internet, cable bill, credit card payments (don’t do this unless

      necessary, but if it’s down to paying the electric bill, or paying the

      credit card bill, electricity is far more important).

      Also, while he IS unemployed, try and get some help with stuff like

      food stamps, medical (did his work provide your insurance? If so,

      you’ll need insurance), and utlity assistance.

      Luckily, the severance and vacation pay will help float you for a bit,

      as well as unemployement, so if he can find a job within the next 5-6

      weeks, you guys shouldn’t be too bad. Unfortunatly, the job market is

      horrible right now.

      Pinch your pennies- you might not be able to get assistance, and it can

      be a long process to get unemployment, so you’ll want to keep your

      bills to an absolute minimum right now to stretch the money you’ll be

      getting as far as possible.

      — In, “shellbeau813”



      > Hi everyone-

      > I live in MA, and my husband lost his job very unexpectedly last

      > night. He has been given 2 weeks severance (for 10 years of service)

      > and will also recieve his three weeks vacation pay. He is a great guy

      > and has many contacts out there, but that could take time to turn into

      > a job. My husband is shocked and quite brain dead right now,

      > (understandably) and I am the one who has to be thinking rationally. I

      > am hoping that some of you might have some advice as to what needs our

      > immediate attention. Maybe the first three things we should do. We

      > have two kids (5,8) an a mortgage and credit card debt. Our bills are

      > current and our savings is small. I appreciate any advice so that I

      > can help my family get through this difficult time.

      > Thank you, Michelle in MA

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List need some practical frugal advice-