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      Sorry to hear of your misfortune. 🙁 I know here in Florida, lots of

      people are being laid off. A lot of the people being laid off have

      been at their jobs for a long time and they were good-paying jobs.

      I’d like to offer a couple of suggestions that may help you as well.

      You have gotten great suggestions so far and the people on this group

      are truly wonderful and very caring!!

      First suggestion, kind of along the lines of Craigslist & eBay. There

      are some places that pay cash for clothes that you bring in on the

      spot. We have places like Children’s Orchards and Plato’s Closet that

      do this. Some you have to make an appointment to bring in clothes but

      doing this has saved our hiney’s financially many times-especially

      when we needed gas money. I usually find them listed under

      Consignment, then under Clothes category in the Yellow Pages.

      You can also put clothes on consignment at some places and they will

      either usually pay you cash or give you store credit. The only bad

      thing about consigning clothes is that it takes time to get

      money/credit out of it that way.

      I also do some eBaying and girl’s clothes have been some of my best

      sellers. If the person pays with paypal, you can print out the

      shipping label & it will automatically take shipping fees out when

      you do that. You can even arrange to have the Postal person pick your

      packages up to take them to the post office to have them be mailed

      off. This will save you gas & time as well. E-mail me if have any

      questions and I will try to help explain it more.

      The second suggestion, find out where food banks and charities that

      give things like clothes are located. We have a number (211) that is

      provided by United Way that people can call to find out how to get

      Mortgage, electrical, phone, food, and clothing assitance. Salvation

      Army also knows about programs that can assist people in dire

      straights-even if they’re not homeless.

      Sorry for being so long-winded. Hope things get better for you. Have

      a blessed day!

      Beth Ann

      — In, sandy miller



      > Don’t forget freecycle.Go online and search for the freecycle group

      in your area.You can find such things as clothing,canned

      foods,household items,etc.


      > baakkester@… wrote: The first

      things to do are file for unemployment (I don’t think you

      > can start collecting until after all benefits cease, but you want


      > be scheduled to collect as soon as you’re eligible, and run to the

      > library to check out What Color is Your Parachute, and any other

      > job-finding books that look good for his skillset.


      > Then, read the book(s), update his resume, and start targeting

      > potential employers and drafting letters to them.


      > Strive to make this the best thing that could have happened to


      > finding a better job and employer!








      > Find them fast with Yahoo!


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List need some practical frugal advice-