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      Your student needs to talk to my daughter…. She is the same – amazing artwork. My query is how to afford the art supplies she wants? They are EXPENSIVE. She has been limping along on the freebies I could drum up, but she deserves better.

      On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 8:48 AM, goddesmos <> wrote:

      I have an incredibly talented student that might be interested. She

      designed the cover for the year book and it was amazing. I won't see

      her until August, but I could try to get in touch with her if you'd

      like. Any ideas in mind? her 'free-style' sketches usually are in

      majick mode…dragons, fairies, wizards, etc., but I've seen her do

      just about everything. whenever we have to sketch things in lab, all

      the other students want her for their partner! LOL! I have to rotate

      her through the class and let everyone have a turn;-)


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