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      Hi I’m in a big pickle.I bought my home well I did pay it off and

      then borrow for home improvements,which was rip off well thats another

      story,make my monthly payments.I have budgeted where a person can not

      budget no more.Well it’s down to not having laundry soap at

      time.laundry soap here is getting to be a luxery.With gas prises it

      make a paycheck nothing.My job well.I drive everynight for 4hrs,I work

      with sentnel as a carrier,because there is no jobs here,I am stuck.I

      took a class on P.A. to help people in there home that don’t want to

      go to nursing home signed up and all only to find out you have to find

      your own clients and then they have to be approved from state and then

      you get paid from state,ect.well…I found 3 clients that where

      disabled in wheelchair and needed my help but state did not aprove

      them.I can;t find any client and they state said you can’ advertize my

      services.So not sure what to do there.I love my home on the lake been

      here over 10years.The city is doing lots of changes on this lake,he

      all around the lake have been waiting years for this but know my

      income has change,way lower and with gas prises and all well…I’m

      leasing the ground thou.Now everyone has to buy there ground and I

      don’t have the money,I was told I am getting booted out.I don’t have

      500.00 for lease which if I did they are selling the ground and want

      to do away with leases.The only thing I can do is look for a camper

      and move what I can into it,4 bedroom home-HA and live in it or…I

      will be on the street.They are going around and giving people 10 day

      notice to do something sign athing on purchasing the ground or 10 days

      to move no matter if you own the house.Well I did check into it and

      its legal.It was a life time lease when I bought this but…they can

      change what they want when they want and they did.So….I am in a big

      pickle.I been waiting for that tax rebate thing that everyone is

      getting not gone be much to get a camper with.I been looking all over

      and the prises of just an old one well….Thank god my son is in

      collage and my daughter got married november but my daughter is ill

      diabetic really bad and she can’t work,no insurand and I take care of

      the med.s but I want be able to even help hersoon and if my kids need

      to come home there will be no home to come to.I just don’t now what to

      do.I tried toget my equity out of my home to get on my feet but with

      low low credit now the bank won’t let me and that is 24,000.00 equity

      built up.and to put it off my truck is about to quit on me.So any

      advice on what to do would really help.I don’t now how long I will

      have internet I been looking all ove on what to do and looking all ove

      for a camper and can’t find nothing.I live in centralia,Illinois on

      raccoon lake.I better look at ebay again see if and camper posted yet.

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