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      Thank you so much for replying.Yes I did talk to realitor.At one time it was up for sale,no one has the money around here to buy,lots of places for sale around here.I checked with the low housing around here they deal basicly people that have children,my children grown up.I been to alot of places and yes you are right they do refer you to someone eles.The public aid,they are going to give me some food stamps but thats all they can do since I have no children under age 18 and I am not pregnant.I call attorney about bankrupsy and well no one around here has a free consultation.I never thought I would get like this.I always helped others,donated,give blood.I never thought.It’s a chain event income change then one thing ofter another.Has anyone here gone there something similar.What happened?What did you do?How are you doing things now? Thanks you very much for replying .I need
      toget off here it’s storming really bad

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      Call a realtor and tell him your problem. Ck w/ the project for low rent

      housing. Ck w/ Central Service, ck w/ the Health Department, ck w/ DCS for

      help and will be assigned a Social Worker. All these will get you to “net

      working”. Call an attorney for advice-this will not cost anything for a

      first visit.Each person will prob refer you to someone else for help.

      Somewhere down the line you will find help.

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      > Hi I’m in a big pickle.I bought my home well I did pay it off and

      > then borrow for home improvements, which was rip off well thats another

      > story,make my monthly payments.I have budgeted where a person can not

      > budget no more.

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