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      In our old kitchen, which was tiny, outdated, and lacked counter

      space & cupboard space, I had a microwave cart in the kitchen. I

      couldn’t use it FOR the microwave, because- no outlet except behind

      the fridge, and behind the sink. Anyway, it has two doors on the

      front, and 1 shelf in the middle. All of my little appliances were

      stored in there- sandwich maker, blender, mixer, waffle maker (which

      I should get rid of- I’ve used it once in 3 years, but I digress..),

      etc. Then, on one side of the cart, it was open with 1 shelf there,

      too, so taller things were put there since it was taller than the

      cupboard area. Extra pitchers, cannisters, the pitcher for the

      blender, etc.

      — In, “ladydressmaker”



      > As we are redesigning the kitchen and trying to cut the clutter I


      > myself faced with a decision to make.


      > My kitchen is tiny and counter space is at a premium. The


      > is already in a cabinet all it’s own, but the rotissier/toaster


      > and small bake oven sit on the counter top. I also have a bread

      > machine that makes an appearance there on a regular basis


      > I currently own an extemely old kitchen aide center that takes an

      > engineering degree to put all the parts on to make it do the


      > things it’s designed for.


      > I also have a food processor that one blade is ruined. A stand


      > with dough hook that weighs a ton. My blender motor–basket just


      > broken, 2 meat grinders-one electric, one manual, and a meat


      > as well as a small hand mixer I use when i don’t feel like lifting


      > big one (most of the time).


      > All of these things take up a ton of space to store and quite


      > the difficulty of hauling them out and lifting them from the lower

      > cabinets they are in is quite oft putting.


      > I’m thinking about chucking them all. Selling the things of real

      > worth and giving the working, but not valuable to charity.


      > This is where you come in. I am a scratch cook that also processes

      > home grown foods for freezing, canning, and drying. I large batch

      > cook, so I need something that can chop a lot of carrots, potaoes


      > easily.


      > I want ONE all-purpose piece of equipmnt that will blend, mix,


      > grind, juice etc with a dough hook. What do you recommend? Will I

      > need an engineering degree to run it.


      > A compact size would be ideal too.


      > Oh one more thing, I can’t go super expensive. Jan who figures

      she is

      > dreaming the impossible dream in OK.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Need small kitchen appliance advice