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      Hi Everyone, I quess I will introduce myself a little more than I did
      before :). I’m 24, a SAHM, live in Utah, and I have 2 girls ages 4 and
      2, and a 6 month old boy. I’m also on my second marriage and my
      husband is 26 and still in college. He married me 19 months ago and
      has taken on my 2 girls and the debt my x left me with and has never
      complained (He’s a wonderful man!) So I am wanting to know what any of
      you do to save $ on your kid’s clothes but still get quality clothes
      that can be passed down to the other kids (and not look like they are
      wearing rags)? I especially need this while my husband is in school.
      My kids are the oldest of the grandkids on both sides of the family
      (my x is not in the picture at all anymore, he moved home to Canada
      over a year ago and has also never paid child support) so I don’t have
      any family with clothes to pass down to my kids. Also if you have any
      clever things you have done to pass down some clothes that an older
      daughter wore then your son wore that would be great. I always try to
      find great sales at stores like Old Navy because I often hear of
      things other people have gotten (like a coat for $2) but I never seem
      to be at the store to find the deals 🙁


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