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      Subject: Re: : Need $ saving tips for kids clothes

      This is going to sound strange, but the things I can’t get at the Goodwill
      or Salvation Army, I end up getting of the clearance rack at Gap and Old
      Navy. I have a hard time finding pants for my boys at thrift stores,
      probably because they get used up by previous owners. The problem with
      clothes from Walmart and also I’ve noticed at JCPenney is that they just
      don’t hold up very long to my active kids. I can get sturdy jeans off the
      clearance rack for my 5 yr. old at the Gap that will last months and months
      for $5.00. I also sometimes find $3.00 t-shirts that also will last a very
      long time. I actually bought a heavy down jacket at the Gap for my 5 yr.
      old for $20.00, marked down from $70.00. (Okay, that was way over priced!)
      It’s the first time he’s had a good warm winter coat and it is a little big;
      I know he’ll wear it for 3 winters.
      But that’s my 5 yr. old, I don’t have any luck at all finding stuff for my
      teenager. For some reason there seems to be alot of clearance stuff for the
      size 4-10 crowd .
      Patty T

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