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      RE: : Need $ saving tips for kids clothes

      I go to consignment sales, we have a TON of them in my area. Here is one I
      have done twice a year, every year, for the past 5 years.
      ( – you can see a picture of me standing in line
      waiting for the pre-sale to start a few years ago here:
      https://kidsignmentstags.home.mindspring … starts.jpg I am in the
      grey sweatshirt with my arms crossed. I look mad, there is no telling what
      my friend and I are talking about! lol! Consignment sales shouldn’t be hard
      to find…check your local “parent magazines” calendar. Usually churches
      Pre-school programs hold them, twin clubs, or just private individuals. If
      you don’t find one, maybe you could start one. JeriLyn the lady that runs
      the one I sell in started in her garage and now she need two building at the
      local fair grounds for the 800 sellers she has! She probably clears 60-75%
      of her take from the sale. She does a 70/30 split with the sellers.

      I also hit as many thrift stores as I can. We also have a ton of those
      around. Pay attention to the various stores. One that I used to go to a
      lot had 50% day on Monday – every Monday *everything* was 50% off. You can
      get some great deals there. Goodwill is okay but America’s Best is great!
      They mark stuff down. I have gotten jeans for $.59 before. We are talking
      name brand, designer jeans. I would buy ALL of DD’s clothes at thrift
      stores for the summer, especially for summer camp! If they got lost, messed
      up or totally destroyed so what? I only spent $1 (or what ever) on it!
      Even now as an 11 year old in Junior sized clothing I still buy most of her
      stuff at thrift stores. I buy, Tommy Hilfiger, MUDD, GAP, Old Navy,
      Abercrombie etc. etc. for nothing. I have walked out of Goodwill with two
      trash bags stuffed for maybe $100 and the “street value” of the stuff in
      there is easily worth $2,000.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Need $ saving tips for kids clothes