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      RE: Budget101.com : Need $ saving tips for kids clothes

      I buy a lot of my clothes on sale or clearance at The Children’s Place
      or Sears. They usually have great deals! I got my kids coats (one size
      too big so it would last through this year) at the children’s place last
      year for $11.00 each regular price, Wal-mart had the same type of
      clothes for $22.00 on sale. I shop the clearances a lot for the the next
      year so that helps. I’ve gotten good long sleeve shirts at the
      children’s place for $0.99 each. Plus, they usually have sales a few
      times a year when you get to take an extra 30% off all sale items
      (including clearance). The kids don’t like wearing jeans very often so I
      buy a lot of knit outfits for them which tend to be cheaper. I do have a
      pair of jeans that i fixed for my daughter by cutting out a strawberry
      shortcake design out of a piec of fabric and using some heat n bond I
      ironed it onto the jeans to cover up wholes and stains and then I went
      the fabric with some clear glue to make sure it wouldn’t fray and to
      keep it down after washings then I took some glitter paint and rubbed it
      all over the jeans for that expensive sparkle affect. those type of
      jeans usually cost around here $21.00 I made them for around $5.00. And
      now I have enough left over that I can make more with out spending a

      Another thing I like to do is for shirts that have stains, I buy some
      iron ons or make my own and put those over the stain. Nobody could ever
      tell there was a stain there.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Need $ saving tips for kids clothes