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      Hi there! I also live in Utah and I buy most of my kid clothes at
      yard sales! In the summer I get up and go every Saturday bright and
      early to get the good stuff. I have found some GREAT deals at yard
      sales. I even buy clothes that my kids may not be able to wear for
      2-3 years, if the price in right! I also always check out the
      clearance racks anytime I go in a store. I have to admit I am a
      sucker for buying kids clothes and it makes my husband mad since we
      don’t have alot of money, but I can justify my spending since I get
      them for so cheap! For example, last summer at a yard sale, I found
      a winter coat for my son, 25 cents!! and it was in perfect
      condition! It looked like it had been worn maybe once or twice. It
      wasn’t name brand or anything, it was Target brand…. but 25 cents
      was a steal! When I was pregnant with him the summer before I
      bought him a pair of Levi Strauss brand 3-6 month jeans for 50
      cents! Yard sales are also a great way to make a little cash. Last
      August I sold tons of my kids old clothes and made $400!!! My
      oldest daughter isn’t even three yet, and I was able to make that
      much off of old clothes! And it was mostly clothes, not many toys or
      other nick nack things!

      I don’t shop at the DI, I have found their clothes expensive for
      being used, I can find better deals on clearance racks for brand new
      clothes! There is also Kid to Kid. I just sold a garbage bag of
      clothes to them and got $50 cash, they also give a little more if
      you get store credit. I could have gotten $60. I rarely find
      anything in there that I really like…. maybe once in awhile!

      Another great place to get clothes is in Park City if you can ever
      make it up there to the outlets. Watch for when Children’s Place
      has the “Monster Sale” and you get an additional 30% off of already
      reduced prices! I have found great deals up there too! but
      probably only worth it if you have the time and a little money to
      spend on gas!

      Okay, I think I have rambled on enough. BTW, if you are still
      reading this…. : ) My name is Tonya and I live in Utah. I am a
      SAHM to dd (3 in Feb) and ds (16 months). My dh and I are both
      starving students attending the local community college. My dh lost
      his job last year and had to take a major cut in pay! So now we are
      really living frugal!


      Another thing I just though of after reading a previous post about
      clothes not holding up… if you think this may be a problem for
      you, check out Sears and Shopko. They will replce the article of
      clothing if it get worn down before your child outgrows it!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Need $ saving tips for kids clothes