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      Hi Cherilee,

      I’ve just moved to the top of the list in my area. I applied on 10
      January, yes, this year. My appointment is this coming Monday. Each
      area varies with its waiting list.

      < places were nice and well kept. You need to be a bit careful about the
      place you choose because some places aren’t so nice. You need to get a
      list of the subidized apartment complexes in your area, from the HUD
      website, and go and look at all the places first.>>

      Again, I think this varies from area to area. Here, you pick out the
      apartment and get approval from HUD, and it must meet their
      standards, including two exits. The apartment we’re in at the moment
      will not qualify.

      < Again, there’ll be a waiting list to get into an apartment. At
      least, that’s been my experience.>>

      This is probably singular to each area. I live in a fairly low
      population area, and from what I’m told, this is not the case here.
      A man around the corner from me came here and applied for HUD and was
      on within six months. His income is greater than mine. My income
      was the reason I was pushed to the top of the list perhaps a bit more
      quickly. The average waiting time in my area is three months.

      < buy a home. My income from Social Security Disability is way too low
      for most of the programs that I’ve seen. I don’t even qualify for a
      Habitat for Humanity home.>>

      Ask HUD about this. From what I’ve been told, they *will* assist you
      in buying a home. They will use what they would allot for your rent
      toward the mortgage instead–but you must, I believe, have the down
      payment, if one is needed. Again, it must meet their requirements.

      On other things, Poppy, my apologies for not sending the Nine Layer
      Pudding recipe to the list yet. Our cat, who wasn’t even three, died
      on the 4th, and we’ve taken it very hard. While I made the dinner as
      planned–and then some–I didn’t make the pudding as a result. I’ll
      post the recipe hopefully this weekend.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Frugal Savings Need Rent Money? Uncle Same Can Help