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      Some of you may know that I plan to enter every cooking competition for the State Fair next year. One of the competitions is for Spam. I have never, ever, dealt with this product!

      Any suggestions for what I can do with Spam would be appreciated. I don’t want to go buy a bunch of cans of this stuff without a game plan in place…I AM on a budgetgiggle smiley
      Seriously, I would appreciate any thoughts that anyone may have;-D

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      I don’t use Spam, it just kind of grosses me out anymore. My Dad on the other hand lives on the stuff, lol. Think of it as sort of a ham.

      He will use it is omelets, just fry it in a skillet and eat it as a sandwich, on salads like you would steak or chicken, works well with Ramen noodles. Hope this helps you a little. Good luck on the competition.

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      Wilbe! My friend…how are you!?? Thanks for the info on how your Dad eats Spam.

      I will view it as canned ham and experiment from there! lol! maybe you can get your dad to try out recipes that i can come up with and let me know how they work.

      (i still can’t believe that they are actually having a competition for this! lol!) you would think that they would focus on home grown products…well…since you said to think of it as ham…we do produce a lot of pork here…
      i’ll keep you posted! what comes to mind is breakfast recipes, but i’ll think on it…
      thanks, my friend…

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      My Hubby absolutely LOVES Spam! Sooooo…here’s some of the ways I’ve used it:
      fried spam sandwiches
      fried spam (as the main dish protein), with sides
      dice it and saute-add to egg dishes, top baked potatoes, spam, onion, and potato hash, add to fried rice or stir fry, add to mac and cheese-hm or commercial. I’ve even seen recipes for spam sushi, but haven’t tried them.


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      Ham sushi…isn’t that a contradiction in termsgiggle smiley I mean an ultimate processed product as a ‘raw’ product?!! giggle…
      I’m trying to think of spam as a canned-ham product as my good friend, Wilbe, suggests.
      I particularly like your ideas with eggs, hash potatoes, or stir-fry.

      I’m really thinking that I should shoot for a breakfast/brunch kinda recipe. I’m going to buy my first can of spam this week and will let you know.
      Here’s a question for the ‘spam’ experts…do I use the whole can or spread the can out for a number of recipes? What a question, eh?!!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Need Ideas for Spam…