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      I know this sounds crazy that I have no idea have to give my 3 year
      old granddaughter for her birthday; but she has a lot of energy and
      doesn’t play for long with anything. She doesn’t like watching
      cartoons or movies. She doesn’t need any clothes.

      She loves for you
      to read books to her; but she doesn’t need anymore books. I had
      thought about the T J Bearytales (bear that reads a story to your
      child) but it only comes with 1 book and you would have to buy more
      books and I don’t know if she would sit still long enough to hear him
      read the story to her. She has a kitchen set with stove, sink,
      microwave that she plays with and she likes playing with her dolls.
      She has a high chair, bed with the dolls.

      I brought her a tea cart
      with a table and 2 stools for Christmas and her birthday is December
      29th and I just don’t know what to buy her for her birthday. Her
      mother is also having problems trying to find something to buy for
      her Christmas and birthday. We buy separate presents for both.

      has a birthday party each year. Her mother had thought about buying
      the V Smile; but she tried to get my granddaughter to play it at her
      cousin house and she wasn’t interested. Any help anyone can give me
      would be greatly appreciated.

      Maybe someone else in the group has a 3
      year old girl that has a lot of energy and doesn’t like tv or movies
      and doesn’t play long with anything that can tell me what you are
      buying your little girl for Christmas. Thank you

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