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      My 4 year old also has a birthday close to Christmas- December 27th
      she’ll be 5. We hold off until January to celebrate a birthday
      party, though. We give her 1 present and a cake on her actual
      birthday, but we don’t have the party until mid-January, because
      that’s when our son’s birthday is.

      It seperates the two dates a bit

      Anyway, here’s some idea’s:

      Get a tote from Rubbermaid, etc, and go to Good Will & Salvation
      Army. Shop for gaudy old clothes that sparkle and shine, and fake
      jewelry, and make a dress up box. Ask for shiny old dress shoes on
      freecycle in kids sizes (I don’t recommend getting old high heels
      for kids- I had a cousin who broke her ankle as a kid trying to walk
      in them!), old hats, purses, etc.

      Get some fake gems at a craft
      department, and some puffy paint, and decorate stuff with gems.

      Buy her a blanket and a small bean bag chair for reading time.

      Get her something to decorate her room with- a net canopy for over
      the bed, pictures to hang on the walls, new curtains, etc. You can
      make her some ribbon butterflies or flowers by taking inexpensive
      satin ribbon, and gluing small butterfly or flowers to the ends at
      varying lengths to tack up to the ceiling over her bed. They should
      be short enough to remain out of reach, though, even if she stands
      on the bed.

      A pop-up play house. Wal-mart sells these for around $20. Our
      youngest daughter got a Cinderella one 2 or 3 years ago for
      Christmas, and drags it everywhere, but it folds up and slides under
      her bed when she’s not using it.

      A year later, we got a Dora one on
      freecycle, so she sets them up next to each other. Last summer, we
      found a heavier duty one with a tarp bottom at a yard sale for
      $2.50, and we took it camping with us over the summer for the kids
      to play in.

      Take her somewhere that she can build her own stuffed animal, like a
      Build A Bear Workshop, and let her pick a special baby, and an
      outfit for it.

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