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      My son is the same age and just had his birthday last month. We all chipped in and bought him the new fisher price digital camera (walmart was sold out so I got it off ebay). It uploads to your computer and it is very durable.

      It doesn’t have a zoom lens so there isn’t much to break. The controls are very simple. My son doesn’t seem to get that he’s actually saving pictures but he loves taking them!

      He runs around saying, “smile!” and really seems to love the flash. I think he love it more as he learns more about it.
      Another idea I love is to get them montessori kitchen materials.

      Everything is sized for them and is an actual tool. You can get a wooden rolling pin and cookie cutters or a non skid mixing bowl and a whisk. Two sites I like are and It will be under the practical section.
      Good luck and happy holidays!

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