need help with diet

Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans need help with diet

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      I do Atkins and don’t find it to be as expensive as others do. Because instead
      of buying all the pastas, rices, potatoes and other carb foods the extra goes
      into meat and fresh veggies. My bill has stayed the same and in some cases
      dropped after a good meat sale.

      Of course, you have to like meats and cheese to do this diet. If 90% of what
      you eat now are carbs, it will be more difficult for you. Also, you will gain
      weight if you go back to eating all the carbs again when you are done with

      Me, my snack of choice has always been cheese and I love meat, so I’m
      not missing anything. If you follow the lifetime maintenance you can continue
      to eat this way pretty easily because carbs do come back, just not in the
      quantities you eat now. All the low-glycemic carbs come back – veggies, fruits,
      whole breads even if its not every day.

      I know a gal who did atkins for the
      quick weightloss but has switched over to South Beach for maintenance and that
      is working well for her too.

      Before you start, gather up a good list of recipes and plan your meals so it is
      not as frustrating for you as you figure things out the first two weeks.

      Good luck

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Weight Loss on a Budget Diet Plans need help with diet