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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Stockpilers-R-Us Need help starting…

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      I would love to start stockpiling, my question is that we move roughly every 3 years and have a weigh limit when we move. What could be the best way for me to start this? Items like shampoo, lotion, and cooking oil the moving companies will not always pack.

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      My suggestion would be to jump right on in and go for it! If you start/stay organized with it it’s very do-able. For however long you plan to stock pile for, just stop before you’re scheduled to move.

      If you’re moving in a year – stock pile for 6 months, then when you’re at the 6 months until your move – stop shopping for the items you know you have that 6 month supply of and take that money from the shopping budget and put it into a re-stocking budget for after the move. That way, you’re more starting fresh, not so much starting over. If you open a new bottle/bag of an item – keep track of the start-finish date.

      That way you can start to gauge how much of an item you really may need for a year – or what ever time frame you choose as your goal to stock pile for. If you still end up with an excess of an item movers won’t pack, you can either pack it yourself to take, or donate it to a local food pantry/charity so it’s still not wasted. Good Luck!

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      I agree with SimplyFaith, that you can do this for up to 6 month before you move and use up what you have. I do this each year kinda. See I love to stay good and stocked up over the winter for we never know when we are going to have a really good storm and be stuck with no way to cook and that.

      I then use most of it all up over the spring and summer and start again. There are some items I keep year round.

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Stockpilers-R-Us Need help starting…