Need gift ideas for the "rich" people in the family

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      hi all~

      my sister-in-laws are both very well off. it’s so hard to find gifts suitable for them each year. just to give you an idea, one is a pharmacist and the other is a lawyer.

      we don’t even make half of what they make each year, but yet they are single and we are a family of 7. They both have expensive tastes, and I just hate shopping for them. So, can you help me out with inexpensive ideas?

      The lawyer likes to go out and drink and solialize all the time, while the pharmacist prefers to stay home. She’s actually a research pharmacist and works crazy~long hours.


      Jenn in ks

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      I have a similar situation with a brother and sister in law-they make the big bucks and one kid. I have found that common things excite them. They live in a bigger city area and the sister in law did not realize that if you put out bird feeders that birds would come to your house.

      Big bowl and popcorn things for movie night. Could get some wine glasses and decorate them with paint and make little beaded tags for the bottoms. Insulated lunch bag for the pharmacist and fill with healthy snack items.

      I feel for you with this. It is hard to get for people who can have everything they want.

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      Might also check out the Candy Cane Bath Salts that rtebalt posted on here too. I bet they would like that, and it doesn’t cost much to make.

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      Boy, do I know that feeling. My in-laws are well off. My MIL spends like $500-$1000 on us each year for the holidays.

      I gave her a huge list of stuff that I would love to have, but would not purchase for myself and she made me feel kind of bad since the most expensive thing was a $300 pan set. The rest were mostly under $100 since I don’t have expensive tastes i.e. a $70 dollar bed set from wal-mart, a $25 dollar purse on, etc.

      I feel bad getting her gifts because I know they are not the best quality (this years towels come from Big Lots) but it is really all we can afford. She told me years ago all that she wants is a set of towels each year and that would make her very happy and carry on a tradition in their family. But I always make sure that my gifts are very nicely wrapped.

      My MIL always says my presents are the best wrapped ones under the tree.

      But back on topic, what about a cute small makeup bag filled with samples for traveling? A pencil cup with fun pens, a spa day for the two of you to share and bond, a gift certificate for an in home or in office massage, or what about a cute organizer with all kinds of pages? You can get some really nice Franklin Covey leather organizers on eBay for about $10 (mine is red leather) and you can get some Franklin Covey calenders and refills on their website (they do have a clearance section).

      Do they adore your kids? If they do have your kids create some art and frame them as gifts. Are they record or modern nuts?

      You can get some vinyl records with cute covers and frame them (set of 6 either all records or 3 records and 3 album covers) using their favorite artists from the days of vinyl. Putting together a nice basket with bath goodies (can be homemade) and candles would be great. Include a CD, a bath pillow, a book, etc.

      That will make for a nice gift that will keep on giving. How about a certificate for a single maid service call? They are not too expensive for a single cleaning.

      Just make sure you check around. Do they have laptops that they carry around? Maybe getting them a nice new laptop bag or a cute shopping tote (see amazon for really cute cheap ones) and fill it with a few gourmet items from Target (their smokey onion mustard is about $2.50 and it is the best and only mustard I have ever liked) from their archer farms brand.

      Giving them a shopping tote will help them be green and get their groceries/farmers market finds home. What about those cute boxes from hallmark that arranges greeting cards? You could get a few packs of assorted greeting cards and that box with a fun pen.

      If you sign up for bath and body works for their email newsletter, you get all kinds of offers for free stuff (buy $10 get something free, etc.) and they do have a nice clearance section. For Mother’s day I got everyone (Mom, mil, and dad’s gf) a tote and 3 items. Each one came to like $25 plus they gave out a free sample of lotion with each order. What about those cute scrapbooks from hallmark that are all put together.

      They are called Instant scrapbooks) They just slide the pics in to pre-made pages, add a sticker or two from the included sticker sheet and they have a cute scrapbook that looks homemade (aka spent hours on) for very little effort. You could even do a page with photos of your family on one of the pages to get the book started. They go for about $20 on eBay and there are tons of different ones.

      You could also do 2 tickets to The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Make sure you check the dates of when they are in town. They start touring in November and stop around New Years.

      You can get 2 tickets around $100. They do holiday music and the concerts are awesome & very family friendly.

      Hope this helps!

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      I think there are 2 types of people with money, those who have it and spend it accordingly, because they can, but don’t see it as being better than someone else, and those who use it as a badge or symbol of status and spend it to show off. Which type is your in laws? If they spend to show off, then there is nothing you can do to “be equal” because that is their goal to be “ahead/better/richer/etc” than others, so give what you want.

      Something homemade, something inexpensive, a craft item, whatever. Give what you would enjoy getting, give it sincerely, and let them “be disappointed” because that will be the best present they can get…Sad, but true. If they simply have a lot of money because they work at well paying jobs, and spend according to their economic status just because it seems logical, then again, give what you want to give.

      This type of person will be satisfied because they value you and your intentions.
      What is that each really “likes,” a hobby, have a collection of something, a way of spending time off? Do they shop at a particular store(s)?
      How about a donation in their name to a charity they favor?
      I like unusual food gift baskets. Just a bag, basket, container doesn’t matter, but fill it with food stuffs a little out of the ordinary.

      Lots of times, I go to the outlets and speciality grocery stores and just browse. Many places have tastes for free. Find several items, and to get an idea look on line or at stores that sell gift baskets to see what is a good combo.

      Then make your own. Often you are paying for the container, look at Goodwill for a nice basket, and the fancy packing. Make your own, shred colored paper, even glossy magazines through a shredder.

      Usually the number of items in a gift basket isn’t that much. Get some reasonably priced crackers or chips or other items, but an unusual or less popular/known brand. Do you live near them?

      Or in another area. Maybe an assortment of things from your area, if they live away. If food isn’t an interest, then what is, a day at the beach, or lotions and potions, or manicure/pedicure items, gardening items, plants, seeds, gloves, etc.
      Maybe get a very pretty Christmas stocking and fill it with little items, some nice, some fun, some practical, some necessary.

      A little bottle of their favorite perfume, a flashlight with battery, specality soaps, candles, notepads, pen, make-up/cosmetics, book of stamps, tea/coffee, book of soduku/crosswords/puzzles, kitchen utensils, make-up, cd of a favorite artist, book, lip balm, small box of special candy, fancy hooks for christmas ornaments, the skys the limit on this, go to a variety of dollar stores and look for unusual, usual items.
      how about some alumni from their alma mater?
      people say i’m hard to shop for, and it’s true, if there is something i want, i get it if i possibly can afford it. if i can’t afford it, i begin saving for it until i can afford it, or it’s something so far out of ordinary, that it’s more of a fantasy than a possibility. but, as i’ve gotten older, my wants of “things” are far more unique and specific.

      in all honesty, what i want most is “the experience” of something. which means i like to travel. i don’t “need” anything.

      i buy all my towels, sheets, cookware, clothes, etc. pretty much at yard sales and flea markets, or for truly unique things i find when i’m out. i consider it a luxury to do so.

      and, in all honesty, i suspect many of the “new” items i find early in the spring are gifts not wanted. however, it is the thought that counts, truly.
      perhaps your mother-in-law “understands” and honestly doesn’t need you to spend your money on things she can get for herself more comfortably than you. that’s not a criticism, just an economic fact of life.

      honestly, what does she need or want? probably, very little.
      i love giving gifts, but it’s what i find for someone that i think suits them uniquely or specially that i value giving most. i try to make it easy for people to give to me, by deliberately stating something, affordable, in front of them. if they get it, fine, if not that’s ok too.

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      Simply Rita

      Man, I had this problem for years! My sister’s husband owns a law firm, and it’s a pain in the *** to buy gifts for them (love you so much Molly :)). A few years ago I enlarged and framed a nice picture of them together with their baby for their anniversary, and they loved it!

      But next occasion was his birthday…
      I considered to make a donation on his name, but what if he grants like $20.000 while I can afford 300 bucks . Although he likes cognac, I dropped this option after I saw the collection he has.
      In the end me and my sister ordered his firm’s logotype made of leather from some polish guy we found online . You had to see his face when he unwrapped it!

      As he said, that was one of the best gifts he ever had! Actually, I’m so excited that I’m gonna recommend it to everyone!
      Still need your ideas though, cause I don’t think I should give him similar thing again next year.

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      I’ve just skimmed, so apologies if this is already mentioned: do you have any kitchen skills? What about some ‘gourmet’ homemade preserves, pickles, etc., and maybe a loaf or two of bread? You can make ‘premium’ flavors with little extra outlay: apple pie jam, chutneys, etc.

      Mustard is easy to make, and the ‘fancy’ variations are endless! Look at the product lines of companies like Rothschild ( I think? the line that Le Gourmet Chef carries) for ideas.

      On a similar note, jams/spreads + bread + homemade flavored coffee blend could make a ‘breakfast in bed’ basket. Add a cloth napkin or two (bought or homemade) a pretty thrift store china teacup and saucer, etc. …to complete.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Christmas-Yule-hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Winter Solstice Need gift ideas for the "rich" people in the family