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      Not sure where to post this, so I will try here. I just found out I am invited to a bridal shower in 4 days. I am financially broke this week, and so do not know what to do about a gift.

      I do not want to throw together something cheap and/or inexpensive looking, and would love the gift to be something useful, thoughtful, and cherished (I usually have time to make something unique to the bride I am attending the shower for, but I am having problems coming up with anything in this time frame and with the money problem). People usually love my gifts because they are creative. I don’t have a lot of time to make much of anything, unless anyone has any ideas here.

      The couple have been living on their own for quite a while, and so do not need much as far as household items. I don’t have pictures of the couple or anything to incorporate into a gift. Can anyone help with ideas and/or instructions?

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      How about ” a few good words” love, kiss, harmony, wealth, abundance, hugs, etc. these can be embroidered onto his and hers aprons, or, appliqués onto pillows. A small pillow in rich fabric with their names.

      …..Do you sew? An apron pocket can be filled with loving words. Doesn’t the hostess indicate the theme?

      Whether it is to stock the pantry or add to linens or someway enhance the brides wardrobe….a sexy hand made neglige…a collection of favorite recipes…a collection of the best web sites. I want to help but don’t know what your capabilities are.

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      Pick something special, know her likes. In that way you can easily figure out what to give. But your presence is the best give you can ever give.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events Need Bridal Shower Gift Help Quick